Digital Marketing

digital marketing

The old school way of selling  products was through a brick and mortar store, putting your items on the shelves, run advertisements, and waiting for the customers to walk through your door to buy your products.

That’s the traditional way and some businesses still use this process. In that scenario we are limited to just one area. Why limit your coverage to just in one place? When you can do it globally?

At Metro Detroit Website design, our platform gives you a built in easy to use dashboard that is simple to navigate.

Our system allows you to import and export your product line via .csv or excel  file format.

We also have Multiple billing options that support a wide variety of merchant gateways commonly used worldwide. The important part of our system is that we can help your track your orders with an invoice and packing slip tools to ensure your customers’ products are tracked all the way from purchase to final shipping.

For business owners wanting to reach another level of business opportunity in marketing world.

Let us show you how we can help to grow your business.

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